Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The final countdown.........

So.........yes, still here, still pregnant, still on bedrest...........FUN!

Today is day 34 of bedrest, tomorrow will mark 5 weeks of no work, no shopping, no socializing (except for the phone and computer), and waaaaaay too much tv!!!

I have an appt. in the morning. The doc will review my blood test from yesterday, I will be monitored to make sure baby is moving and has a good heartbeat, an ultrasound will be done ( feels like I've had that many!), and oh, I get to have the blood pressure taken and I get to pee on a stick of course too!

Two possibilities are on the table:
  1. Doc could review it all and send me tomorrow to be induced.
  2. Doc could review it all and have me go home for the weekend then send me either Sunday (my birthday) or Monday to be induced.
Sooooooooo, we shall see........I'm thinking that I may not get back here to update until after the birth. Enjoy the latest bellyshot for the 3 of you who actually still read my blog! haha