Friday, February 27, 2009


So, oops, forgot to update...........and since it's 6:22 am on a Sat. and I've just been woken up, there's no time like the present, huh? Last week, Sun through Wed, I had my big guy (almost 8) home with us (mom and I) with a raging ear infection!!! It was so bad the eardrum actually burst, and he was draining fluid from his ear through Thurs. YUCK! He finally had no fever for 24 hours and was able to go back to school Thurs/Fri. Enter little guy (5 1/2).......he HATES to be left out!!! All week it KILLED him that his big brother got to stay home with me and grandma while he had to go to school! He complained and kvetched and finally, on Friday, his teacher called at like 9:45 saying he was complaining all morning of an earache and wasn't letting up. Hubby went to pick him up, and we all laughed that he just needed some TLC. Well, lo' and behold (who says that?), he's now presenting with a fever and still complaining of the earache when the Motrin runs out of his system.............FUN!!! Let's just hope his can clear up a bit easier than his big brothers and doesn't get that bad, as next week is FUN week in school gearing up for the holiday of PURIM!!! I just went online now and made him an appt. first thing Sun. morning with the Pediatrician.........better safe than sorry.

ANYWAY..............nuff about's baby update we all want, right??? Well, I go in on Sunday, which also happens to be my birthday, and I have an appt. in the Women's Center. They'll do the usual, monitor, check blood pressure, have me pee on the stick, check the amniotic fluid in an ultrasound, an then I'll sit down with the doctor on call. Unfortunately, the head honcho doc won't be there, but she has written everything in my file because she doesn't want me pushing my luck and going beyond Monday. She says if everything looks good on Sunday that I can get the referral from the doc on Sun. to go to the hospital for the induction. At that point, I'll have 24 hours to report to the hospital, and hubby and I plan to go on Monday morning. We are also aware that it is possible that the bp might be up, or the fluid might be down, and the oncall doc may make the call that he wants me to go that day to the hospital. In that case, I'll call hubby, he'll come home on the train, and we'll go an hour or so later rather than the next morning.

I'm hoping to be able to celebrate my birthday with the family Sun. night, and go in leisurely Mon morning. Also, I would love for this baby to be born on 3-3, Tuesday. If I get an induction started on Monday, it's more likely that she'll be born on tuesday. Why 3-3 you ask??? Well, my boys were born on April 14 (4-14 or 14.4 if you're Israeli) and August 8 (8-8), and I thought it would be cool if she follows suit. I also was just reminded last night that 3-3 this year coincides with the 7th of Adar in the Hebrew calendar, and that is my dad's Yartzheit, the anniversary of the date that he was buried, 14 years ago. Some may think that that's a bit spooky, but I just look at it as another 'connection'.

Anyway, that's my story..........thanks for listening. I'll be back after the little miss is born........most likely not till we get back from the hospital though, so don't worry yourselves! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and a wonderful week...........I know I will!!!