Monday, November 17, 2008

My heart goes out..........

No mother or father should ever have to bury a child. It's just wrong, it's just not natural. Yet in the next day or so, a friend of mine will be burying her 16 year old son. I'm sick over it. His sister is flying back home from Israel tomorrow morning, a month earlier than planned, but rushing of course to be with the family as soon as possible. I can't stop thinking about them.

R. was a good guy. He wasn't an easy kid, wasn't into formal learning, or being told what to do, but he was a good soul. He used to dog-sit our dog, and would let him sleep with him in his bed. When we had to put the dog down, R. (then 13), sent a formal condolence card.......from the bottom of his heart. He was really sad. I hope Fonzie is waiting for him when he gets where he's going.....he deserves a good fuzzy hug.

I'm at a loss for words. My thoughts are spinning and I feel so sad for the family. Life sometimes is just not fair.........especially when death comes too early.

Please keep the T. family in your thoughts and prayers.........they'll need it.