Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day.............

So yes, it's Thanksgiving Day! And yes, I'm living in Israel, but why should that stop me? My mom is here visiting from the states and we are having 2 other families over this afternoon to give thanks with us! haha

So how different is it to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner in Israel vs. in America???

Well first off, if I remember correctly, at this time of the year when you walk into any American supermarket, you will find a special end of the aisle display of anything and everything that you might need to prepare your special dishes.............Cans of green beans, cans of cream of mushroom soup, Cans of the dried fried onions, bags of stuffing, stuffing mix, cans of cranberry sauce, cans of sweet potatoes, and on and on and on...........

Here, you walk into the grocery store/supermarket and you will start to see signs not of Thanksgiving fixin's, but instead signs that Chanukah is coming!! So, where did I begin the preparations??? Well, the first thing I did was ORDER THE TURKEY..........yes, ORDER it. Israelis don't cook and therefore don't buy WHOLE TURKEYS and the butcher in the 'super', so I had to order it. I picked it up this morning, feathers and all! Not ALL of the feathers, but enough that I stood at my kitchen counter just now plucking. ugh...........I didn't get them all, but I gave up with the justification that most people don't eat the skin as much these days anyway! haha

So let's see, what else did I buy? Fresh green beans, and a soup mix for the (non dairy) cream of mushroom soup, I DID find fried crispy onions, but they're not breaded like those ones from the Old Country. I bought FRESH sweet potatoes, some pineapples (in a can), and my mom brought the mini KRAFT marshmallows!!! (Israeli marshmallows suck!) My mom is making stuffing from scratch, and a friend is making pumpkin pies and mashed potatoes! haha, it's a STARCH FEST!!!

Right now I'm sitting with my feet I'm 25 weeks pregnant (almost 6 months), and I'm tired. My little one woke me up at 5:30 today--he had wet the bed. ugh. Hubby took the boys with him last night to pick up something from the supermarket, and bought him a bottle of juice..........he drank the whole thing before bed! ugh

Anyway, I'm being beckoned to help in the kitchen................Happy Turkey Day to all those of you who celebrate or used to celebrate.