Sunday, September 07, 2008

Random thoughts..........

>> and I quote my 5 year old: "But Emah, if I take even one more bite of food I'm going to have a belly ache. It's not me, it's my body.........." 30 seconds later......"Can I still have ice cream??"


>>BRUCHIM HABAIM (welcome) to our friends P & E and their 2 little guys who are arriving tomorrow morning on the NBN flight!!! I wish I could skip work and meet them at the airport, but it just isn't feasible.

>>still am not "LOOKING PREGNANT" ......ugh. It's annoying. I'm mostly looking a little fluffier. I think in hindsight when coworkers find out I am they'll say that it makes sense that I was porking up! haha , but for now, people don't know. I'm not one to announce, and the people I have told are actually really good at keeping it a secret even though I didn't ask them too! pretty funny.

>>and that's that. I A M T I R E D !!! hubby is having friends over to watch some football games (American football), and I am retiring to my room................g'nite!!