Monday, August 18, 2008

Preparing for Re-entry........

So yeah, that's what the space shuttle says when it is preparing to return to Earth after time spent in space. And well, yeah, that's kind of how I feel.

Tomorrow we are set to fly home to Israel. We have been visiting in Florida for almost a month now and I'm tired. Tired of the shopping, tired of the fake smiles, tired of the people with whom I really don't connect anymore, and tired of not being HOME. I miss my hubby, my dog, my friends, my bed....I miss speaking hebrew, going to the pool, and having shabbat dinners with family and friends who feel like family. I miss my kids running in a park and I miss the dry weather. I miss my kids being busy and not being addicted to TV and the computer cuz it's too hot to play outside. again, I miss HOME.

It's hard, we've had a wonderful time, a fabulous trip, some great visits with friends and family, and my mom and her boyfriend have been great hosts. But I'm done. My mom is starting to get on my nerves where I can't shake it, and as I sit here typing I hear my kids talking in the other room where one is crying that he misses his Abbah.

So yes, we are all preparing for re-entry, preparing to get back into our lives, and hoping that it lives up to the expectations of being HOME.........cuz I've missed it, and I hope it's missed me.