Friday, August 08, 2008

The broad is Abroad...... yes, the broad (that's me) has been abroad, and I'm still abroad. We left about a week after my last post to come to the Old Country to visit the family friends and of course, Target. We've got another week and a half or so left of our trip, and all is going well.

I've shopped till I dropped, eaten till I popped, and confirmed that I am glad I don't live here anymore. I'm bored when watching tv....the commercials drive me insane! Everything here is so BIG and the cars are so SHINY, and well, it just doesn't feel like 'home' anymore. It's all the place I used to live. I miss Israel, I miss speaking hebrew, and I hate that my children are so into the buying and buying and things and things. It hurt me terribly when my 7 year old told me he'd rather live here because it's easier to buy things and that there's more for kids to buy. He's also soooooo much more addicted to TV. I had muted the tv to talk to them for a minute this morning........"wait emah, it's my favorite commercial!" he said when I muted it.......of all things, the Cocoa Puffs commercial. ugh.

Anyway.........hubby is in Texas this week on business and will be flying in tonight to visit us for the weekend. The kids don't know, and yes they are going to pee in their pajamas when they wake up and see him tomorrow morning! I'm going to try to get it on camera!

And that's that. OH, and my little one is 5 years old today! He made sure to measure himself next to his brother and sure enough he has grown! haha He's still as grouchy as ever, so I better go get some breakfast going for them. Their favorite........frozen waffles toasted with fruit and a bit of syrup on top! be a kid again!

So there's my story, thanks for missing me if you did..........I'll be back before you know it with a final update and the start of the school year upon our return to Israel. For now, this will have to do..........good enough for ya Baka? :)