Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Keeping Secrets.........

It's always so strange to me when I am supposed to be keeping a secret. It's hard enough having something on your mind that someone else is not supposed to know, but it seems like DAVKA (like murphy's law or in spite, or just because) this is when people ask questions that would give away the secret if answered truthfully. So then you need to tell more 'stories' or lies to get around answering the truth, and the secret grows. I don't understand why we need to keep secrets, why it's ok for one person (me) to know something, but it's not ok for someone else to know.

But for now, a secret is a secret, and I've given my word. But thanks for letting me vent a bit about it cuz as you can tell it's not an easy one to keep!

Have a good day!

...........I'm going to hand in my driver's license form so that they can give me another form so that I can call an instructor to have a lesson so he can schedule a test..........Isn't red tape fun?