Friday, August 22, 2008

Home at last.....

....but still not sleeping through the night! ugh.

So yes, it's 3am here and for the third night in a row (or did I sleep last night? I truly can't remember). Anyway, I'm up. ugh. I'm falling asleep at like 10 dead to the world then at 1:30ish I get up to pee and can't fall back asleep. Not fun.

Anyway..........being HOME..........yes, it feels good. Yes, there is SOOO much to do; hubby started on a rampage of cleaning, organizing, and purging. Then I came in with 6 more suitcases of crapola to add to the mix! ugh. But I've been productive.........cleaned out my closet, replaced the old stuff with new stuff (yay!), and even threw out (for donation) tons of my stuff and the boys' stuff too! I went through the playroom, packed up bags of toys that are either off the playlist, or had broken pieces, or were just stupid in my opinion! haha I made room for new toys, and did some dusting while I was at it.

So i should be tired, right? How is it that sleeping 3 hours was enough for my body to wake up and be like, "ok, i'm done!" aargh.

Anyway, not much else to report. OH, quick comment, no I didn't go to the International JBlogger's conference. It was the night we returned home. Plus, as I told Aliyah06, I have this wierd thing about the fact that my real life peeps don't know I blog. I have people I met through blogging, and I have 2 friends who by a fluke "found" this blog, and that's ok, but I don't advertise it, or even talk about it to others who have mentioned stuff about blogging to me. It's wierd. I told her maybe next year I'll revisit the idea. I was flattered to hear though that my blog made it on the slideshow! And I was grateful to Ill call Baila who gave me a shoutout and noticed I wasn't there.

okee dokee..........time to call it quits for the night. send me some good sleeping vibes please! I'll be back soon. Teacher's return to work on Monday, then the kids start up again the following Monday. All very exciting...but exhausting and time consuming!