Monday, May 26, 2008

LOTS to do and think about today....

So I've got a substitute teacher working for me today. as I've got a long list of worries and such to deal with today..............
  • doctor's appt. for my older son at 8am that sparked the day off (thank you!)
  • need to go to the office of MAS HACHNASA....anybody out there who lives here knows that's not's the TAX offices. You see, when I worked for 3 months last year teaching English speakers I had to open up a file with them. So, stupidly I assumed that the file would close when I started working for Misrad Hachinuch (the school board), but it didn't. And they keep sending me all sorts of mail telling me (I think) that they want money. So off I go to deal with it.
  • My mom is having surgery today. She has Crohn's disease and needs to have her intestines resectioned or something like that. It's hard not being there.
  • Maybe if there's time I'll go and apply to start the process of getting my driver's license? ugh. pit in my stomach.
  • hearing test for younger son in the afternoon.
ugh, I think it's just the intensity of each thing that gets me. KEEPING POSITIVE, KEEPING POSITIVE.................

UPDATE: it's already 3:30 pm and believe it or not, I survived. But if you must know, yes, I cried in the tax office. I was so overwhelmed by the paperwork and the woman downstairs gave me a form I couldn't fill out and when I asked for help she told me it wasn't her job and sent me upstairs to the 3rd floor. I didn't know exactly where, just knew 3rd floor. So I went in the first open door I saw, a nice man sent me across the hall where I went in another open door, explained my story and was told to sit down. She was nice and all, but when she looked up my info on the computer and I told her I only worked in that job 3 months as an "Independent", and I'm not doing that anymore, she said, "But you are independent" and I'm not sure why that should be offensive, but it made me cry!!!! There was another desk in the same office and 2 other women who work there. They were all so nice, and I played the dumb OLAH card (new immigrant). I just freak out when I have big long documents and things in Hebrew that I cannot understand.

Soooooooo.............she sent me first down the hall to change my address. She had the same computer in front of her and the address change lady didn't even ask for any identification or anything special, so whatever. it's changed, most importantly. THEN......she sent me to the 4th floor where I was to tell them that I needed to cancel something (I had to write it down so I would know exactly what to say). I made it up there, walked into another open office door and the man smiled when I misprounounced the word! So he sent me down the hall and I was passed off to a religious man who looked like he really didn't want to be bothered (nothing to do with him being religious, just setting the stage).

Soooooooooooo................Itzik was da' bomb!!! (not the best thing to say in this country, huh?) Anyway, he was so helpful, made some calls for me, made it so I don't owe any money, and even helped me write a letter to another lady on the 3rd floor asking if I can be excused from filling out a form in which one needs to declare their house and possessions! :) wierd. So I brought that form back down to Itzik's friend on the 3rd floor and I saw the woman who made me cry when I was leaving. "Hey, why are you back here? Is everything ok? Did you go upstairs? Did you get the address changed? Can I do anything else for you?" she was so sweet!

And that my friends, was an experience! And no, I didn't make it to Talpiot to turn in the form to get my driver's license. ugh, I need to go call a sub now for Thursday, we're going camping and my sub cancelled on me.

never a dull moment.