Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So, are you ready for a laugh? I finally made it back into the gym this past week for the first time in about 6 months ! (no, that's not the whole reason for laughing, although it definitely qualifies!). Anyway...I took all of my school books out of my school backpack and put them into a different tote to try something different for a few days and to see if it would work using my school backpack for my gym bag.

Well, 2 days later, and the tote was a miserable thing to carry, just too heavy and uncomfortable to carry with all of the things I have. So...I switched the books back into the backpack and found a different bag to use as a gym bag.

so what's so funny? you ask.... forward to today, 2 or 3 days of being back with my school books in my backpack and in the middle of a class I'm reaching around in my bag to find a pen or something............and I feel something soft. A tissue? My kalmar? (pencil case), my scarf left over from the winter? was my UNDERWEAR left over from when I took that bag to the gym! ugh. What a nut I am........luckily I didn't pull it out before I realized what it was! AARGH.......

I think I'll add new school backpack to my list of things to buy this summer in the US. For now, I need to be more careful where I drop my drawers! :) hee hee