Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mr. Nobody

I'm not sure where I went wrong with him, but Mr. Nobody has gone astray. He used to be the one we had to save an extra seat for, the one who sat in the backseat between the two kids, and the one who came along on trips to the park and fun places. But somewhere we must have betrayed him, because now,

"Mr. Nobody is from the BAD PEOPLE." (as per Ilan, 4 years old)

Mr. Nobody threw a toy across the room the other day, and he makes a mess out of all of the toys when the children are playing gently, kindly, and orderly.

Ilan says that "Mr. Nobody makes bad choices because he comes from the land of the bad."

As long as he's not telling me anything of the following I guess it's not much of a big deal to worry about, right? Cuz really, I'd worry IF HE SAID:
  • But emah, Mr. Nobody is MAKING me light the neighbor's cat on fire!
  • But emah, Mr. Nobody is inside my head and won't shut up!
  • But emah, Mr. Nobody wants to hurt you!
  • And emah, Mr. Nobody ______________(you fill in the blank!)
So really, I guess an occasional spilled drink, thrown toy, or mess made by Mr. Nobody just adds a bit of spice to our life. And makes me thankful that I have a normal 4 year old with an active imagination!

But do tell, (time here for class participation....).............when should one worry??? fill in the blank above! :)