Saturday, December 01, 2007


LEFT, LEFT, LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT! We marched today.............or really walked...........but for some reason they call it a march. We went as a family and the boys did great...5 km (about 3 and a half miles). At the 4th kilometer, there were ice-cream vendors, and all sorts of kids activities that were included in our entry fee. The kids had a blast, we had a blast, and it was all around a great day!

MISIYBAT CHANUKAH.........Ilan had his Chanukah party/show the other night. It is amazing how the Israeli ganim go all out and the kids are just amazing! He was singing before the show even started, it was so cute. The music teacher was doing some instrumental background music at one point as the gannenet was getting all of the kids sitting down.........and there was my son singing his little heart out! It was tooo cute, and I was soooo proud. He's come a long way and it felt good to reassure one of the other moms that the hebrew will come with time. They've only been here for 3 months.

KEEPING FINGERS CROSSED.............the house should be sold in the next week or so (g-d willing as is said around here). Keeping fingers crossed that we should get the papers this week so that we can keep our appointment with the American Embassy.

ok, ugh, papers to striking for the Elementary schools. Can you believe that the Middle and High School students in this country haven't been in school since last June!?! And WHEW! am I thankful that I went with my gut and took the job in the Elementary school! What a close call that was.