Tuesday, September 04, 2007

the school~gan updates............

So my big guy seems so little at the school. He gets dressed each morning in his school labeled t-shirt that he calls his "Kitah Aleph Shirt", and he swims in it. I should have bought the size smaller, but I didn't want them to shrink to be small on him. Oh well.

Anyway, I stopped on the way in this morning to say hi to someone, and he didn't wait for me, he was a man on a mission........I followed him into his class 2 minutes later just to say goodbye. At the school wide recess/break time, I was outside talking to my fellow English teacher when I naturally glanced off in the direction of his class. The first graders have their own playgrounds that they share with the onsite Kindergarten, and rarely, the first graders are allowed to play out in the main school area with the "bigger" kids. Today was one of those days, and I found my dear son wandering outside of his classroom. He was alone, poor guy, so I went over to see if he was ok and to say hi. He was quite excited, but not to see me. He was excited because he was allowed to play in front and loved that responsibility. When I asked why he was alone, he said it was because he didn't want to play with the other kids yet. He's in this mode of getting to know the kids one at a time to decide who he wants to be friends with......interesting. At least that's what he's portraying to us. I'm not fully sure if he is integrating into the social mix of the classroom (not easy being one of the new kids), and this of course is my biggest fear. I want him to fit in, to be happy, to have friends. The learning part will take care of itself. He's smart, I know that, he'll learn. But if a kid doesn't start off his school years with confidence, feeling like school is a good fun place...a kind of mini community for him, then he could have troubles that stay with him for a long time.

what? I'm going overboard? I'm paranoid? It's what? Yes, I know, only the 3rd day of school.....so ok, I'll lay off.........I know, I know, he'll be fine. HE IS fine, and I need to trust what I know, that he is a well rounded likeable kid who WILL make friends at his own pace......and he IS and WILL BE happy.

So why do I worry so much?

The little one, on the other hand, is slowly becoming the king of the gan. We went to his friend's house to play this afternoon. And he has told me of another friend and a girlfriend too. He told me also of a little girl named DIVA (hee hee, think he's pronouncing this one wrong!) who only speaks "B'anglit" (english). I asked if he talked to her b'anglit, and he said no because she does things she's not supposed to. Poor little Diva, apparently they can't get her off of the puppet stage........hee hee She's born to be a STAR I guess!

And me........last but not least...........WHEW! I'm exhausted!!! I have been teaching 5 hours straight every day, ok, so it was just yesterday and today, but damn, my feet hurt! My head hurts from talking and thinking in Hebrew so much, and my throat hurts from trying to shut the little buggers up!!! Israeli kids sure are talkative, and I'm working it, doing my best to figure out how to get them and keep them quiet. I'm learning that the busier I keep them, the quieter they'll be. The only problem is that our curriculum, teaching English in 3rd grade especially is an ORAL and AURAL (listening) approach. There is limited writing......and so much speaking, so much time spent listening to me blabber on........ugh. But they're cute. And I feel like a celebrity walking down the hall........."Hi Susie!" "Susie, gud murning!" "hello english teachr!" ..........hee hee. It's fun. And today getting into the car outside of my building, 2 of my students walked by. I like this, it gives me that sense of community that I seem to be longing for for my son.

L'at, l'at..........slowly slowly...........