Saturday, September 22, 2007

Babbling as usual..........

So it turns out that a great friend of mine from the Old Country called Friday to tell me that she and her hubby and their 2 adorable boys are going to be making aliyah at the end of next summer!!! I am very happy for them and wanted to wish them well HERE ON THE BLOG because as it also turns out, she said she has (like I did when we decided finally to make aliyah) been reading tons of stuff on the net about aliyah, and came across my blog! She had no idea at first that it was me, but realized very quickly that it is! So, let's all congratulate P&E on their upcoming aliyah!!! :D We're thrilled for you guys.

Anyway.......fasting.....ugh, wasn't easy. I actually woke up Sat. morning with a throbbing headache. And would you believe, I was dreaming about food and drinking in the wee hours of the morning before finally succumbing to the life of the living. Amazing how simply skipping that night time snacking and eating (dreadfully) early can make such a difference. (For those of you elsewhere, the fast started here at 5:18 pm!)

Anyway.........we made it to the "Bet Kneset" (synagogue) in the middle of the torah service Sat am, and were there for about 2 hours. Hubby and I were inside most of the time, and the kids did what kids do here in Israel on Yom Kippur..........played outside in the streets!!! Friday night they both rode their bikes to the BK and the little one spent the evening riding all around the building while the big one spent the evening racing with the big kids up and down the main road. Since there are absolutely NO CARS on the roads for Yom Kippur, kids around the country seize the roads. It's a trip. Aviv actually said last night was "the best night of his life!" too cute.

So this brings us to Saturday, back at the bet kneset, kids getting antsy cuz really they were tired and I didn't bring them a proper lunch. The crackers and water weren't cutting it. So I was sitting out in the hallway with them waiting for hubby to come out and be ready to go. They were sharing the crackers with a friend's son and were just sitting and chatting with the little boy. At which point, the kid says boastfully, "we're having 15 people over at our house tonight for supper!", okay?...............Now, allow me to rewind a bit at this point if you don't mind............this is the same friend whom I called last week and asked if she would like to come to OUR house for the same evening to break the fast. "Sorry, we have plans, we are having the Smiths (not their real name) over to thank them for all they've done in welcoming us." Sooooooooooooo, back to the present, isn't it nice to find out that they are having 15 people over, not JUST the Smiths, and well, they have not invited us. This gal KNOWS that we don't have alot of friends here, and I did mention to her later in the week that we had even asked another family to come over to break the fast and they were also busy. So I was feeling bad.

Anyway, I know this all sounds juvenile, and really, I'm not expecting everyone to feel the need to include me always. I think I'm well, just having 'growing pains' of being in a new place. I mean, especially since we didn't come here first thing as NEW IMMIGRANTS fresh off the boat, there has been no welcoming committee to welcome us. People who are new new to Israel and to this town on the other hand, have had invites for shabbat dinners, holiday lunches, and offers to help them acclimate from all over. I'm embarrassed to say that yes I'm jealous, and yes I feel left out and am sad because it's not easy just automatically finding one's niche without that welcome.

Anyway......................babbling babbling babbling............doesn't help to be pms'ing right now either. Thanks for listening......and oh, despite my bitching.........hubby and I had a very nice evening hanging out on our mirpeset together. Then, we hung the sheets to turn our Pergola into our SUKKAH, and then, in the dark, cleaned up the garden a bit. ................all things we could NOT have done if we had been invited to someone's house for a Break the Fast gathering. Oh, and I was also able to check my notebook and write up a few lesson plans to prepare myself for the week. Which, I might add, is another shortie! yay, we like short weeks.......helps the voice situation. Still not used to talking so much all day long and have been getting hoarse by the end of the full weeks. that's it for now. Hugs to all for a Happy New Year.............let's start this one off properly. Hubby is watching POSEIDON on tv, kind of bizarre for the time of year when we've all just proclaimed that now our fate for the year has been written and sealed. I hope that this world this year will know nothing but good things........