Monday, July 02, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel.........

Albeit dim, it's a light! So a week and a half after little guy's surgery and he's eating again, thank g-d!!! He literally did not eat for a week!!! He drank tons of Rice Milk, Juice and Water, but that's it! He is finally sleeping again through the night too. That was the hardest, he'd be all obnoxious during the day then wouldn't sleep longer than an hour at a time, pure torture. So now, things are looking up, looking brighter, and all is great, right? UGH.........well not quite. He has turned into this monster of a kid who expects the world to bend over backwards for him, and will cry and cry and cry and cry if he doesn't get his way. Yesterday his tantrum lasted at least an hour and a half. He started crying when we picked up his brother to bring him to tutoring, he didn't want to get out of the car; then he cried the whole way there, then cried after we picked up big brother, tand all the way to the tutoring....he took a break for 5 minutes while I brought aviv upstairs, then he waited until we got to the grocery store to resume.........and he cried all throughout the store, cuz at first he didn't want to get out of the car, then he wanted me to carry him. I don't think so! You should have seen the looks I was getting!!!, Monday, he is doing much better, and had a fun filled day at gan and fun afternoon with his cousins. bec and adam have sent off their lift.......or at least the movers are there today in the thrills picking up their life and getting it all set to move to Israel. Sending a shoutout hug, as it's quite surreal standing in your empty home after the lift has been picked up......ugh.

OH, and one more of my friends today told me that she's started a blog.......funny thing is, none of my real life friends know that I blog, only friends whom I have met through blogging and are now real life friends, but none of the friends that I know from real life know, does that make sense? So I tried to search out her blog, but couldn't find it. It would be cool if we found each other's blogs and didn't realize we were reading each other's blogs. hee hee, so if you think this is you.......... drop me a note! :) hee hee