Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Wednesday morning, 6:24 am; I'm awake because I have a meeting with the principal at a school where I've already had a job interview with the English Coordinators, they want me, and want me to meet the principal for final approval. 8am I need to be there. It takes 25 minutes with no traffic, driving fast.

So why the ugh? Bottom line, it's day 6 after the operation, and little man was up last night every hour on the hour. WE saw 11pm, midnight, 1, 2 , then 3:09 (maybe he hit snooze?)


I cannot stand to see him in pain. I cannot stand his crying. I cannot stand that he's waking me up and I cannot comfort him.............I'm just losing it.

Thank goodness we go to the ENT this afternoon so maybe she can provide some clarity. I don't like this beast who is living in my house, and I want my kid back!

thanks for listening......