Saturday, June 23, 2007

Torture, pure torture!

So the surgery went well, 3 hours later he was up and out of his bed and dancing in the hallway of the Pediatric Surgery ward. The nurses were in awe. He was eating popsicles, and just being the life of the party. This was Thursday night.

Friday he was a bit depressed in the morning, wanting Abba (his dad) and missing his brother and just plain wanting to get out of the hospital. We finally convinced him that if he didn't drink and eat at least ice cream that he wasn't going to be allowed to go home. He made sure to drink a big huge sip in front of the doctor, and we were discharged by 3pm. That was Friday.

Today he was in good spirits and woke up ready to play. He ate a bit or two of yogurt, and that's it. I tried with all sorts of cooked soft fruits, but he wanted pancakes or popcorn. We took him to the movies and to the arcade to get his mind off of it all, and he drank quite a bit throughout the day. He had us buy 2 different ice creams, but didn't like either of them, so essentially ate nothing all day. That was Saturday.

I don't know how I'm supposed to survive another full week of this. The ENT told us 10 days of soft, cold foods and drink. He's starving and he keeps telling me "YOU won't let me eat anything!" It breaks my heart.

It's torture, pure torture.......