Sunday, July 22, 2007

I need to sage ME

So my mother in law has been invited (by me) and is thrilled to agree, to coming to our new place before we move in and burn SAGE throughout, cleansing the home of any of the old and stuffy energy from the previous owners. I'm feeling like I personally need to be saged.

Got a letter back from RDB (see post below) after I wrote and thanked her for her support etc. I know it's not PC but I'm going to copy and paste her email to me here, leaving out any revealing info of course. It's just too poisonous to not share. Please note, the underlined and bolds are hers, the italics are mine to show that it's verbal discourse (more like verbal diarrhea!) Remember also that I accepted VERBALLY the job at School X, and less than a week later called her and told her I did not want to take it. It did not go farther than that on my part. So where she is getting that I am LEAVING them, is just sick bullshit. sick sick sick. See below:

Dear Ms Emah,
Please be advised that I have not understood you nor do I support this move. The move will go ahead because there is a position available at School A, at a time of a shortage in teachers. However, your decision to leave School X has harmed that school, and was in no way taken with my consent or approval.