Sunday, July 22, 2007

Crisis Averted, resolved, etc............

WHEW! Now that that's resolved, I can take a deep breath and tell you all about it...............

So you see, I went on an interview at School X. Got offered a job, not 100% in my specialty area, but close to home, and a friend works there, so I VERBALLY ACCEPTED.

Later that week I went in to the School A with my son to visit where he will be in First Grade. The first grade Team Leader gave my name to the principal, who already had it on her desk from the Regional Director Bitch(we'll call her RDB).

Long story short, I was called in for an interview at School A; loved it, they loved me, wanted to hire me. I explained situation before I went in with School X, but decided since they are two totally different age groups, that it shouldn't be a problem for me to say no thank you to X and then work at A.

Well....................RDB had something else in mind!!! She needed a teacher for X and wanted me cuz I am a native speaker. She told me I should proceed with X and when she finds another teacher for X that she will allow me to pull and go to A. I didn't like that, told her so, and then screened my calls from X for 3 weeks.

This past week, I decided enough is enough, wrote a letter (in hebrew, pat me on the back) to the principal of X thanking her for the opportunity but explaining that I was much more comfortable working with younger children and that I at this time am revoking my acceptance.
I cc'ed RDB.

Well, RDB emailed me that she was "astonished" that I would give up this job where I was so needed, blah blah blah. I wrote to her and explained AGAIN my position, and then let it be.

Just spoke with principal of A................she got a phone call (probably with tail between legs) from RDB last Thursday morning and I will be working at SCHOOL A!!!!

happy dance!!!