Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hard to believe......

Today is July 5...............exactly 9 years ago, my hubby and I were married at the wedding to beat all weddings! We had the ceremony and the party in the Conservative Syn. where we were both teaching Hebrew school at the time. The band was an Israeli band whom we found by asking around at the local falafel restaurant, and they were FABULOUS! Walking down the aisle for the ceremony, hubby walked to "Yerushalayim shel Zahav" and I walked to "Al kol Aileh". If you know the songs, then you 'get it.' Anyway, the band played an incredible mixture of cool dance songs and amazing Israeli songs......those who were there danced and danced and said that they hadn't had that much fun at a wedding since their own! The caterer was having a fit, cuz every time he'd finally get us all seated for example to eat our salad, the band would start up another song and up we'd pop to dance again!!! My feet were swollen for 3 days! hee hee So bottom line, it's hard to believe that it's been 9 years since we're married, and actually 16 years that we've known each other!

But that's not all that today is...........hubby has a Great Aunt who turned 80 on the day of our Wedding, and as they say in the deep south, (must be read in a southern accent too) "Bless her heart," she's still alive and hanging in there! She still drives (heck, she's a young driver for S.Florida), and lives alone, and goes to the Senior center to play bridge, etc. So shout outs today for Great Aunt Anne (who calls herself Double Great to the kids), who turns 89 today........

And wait, that's not all today is......................exactly one year ago today, we boarded the ElAl plane that changed our lives! We made aliyah exactly one year ago............and wow, we're still here, still happy, and *gulp!* soon to be homeowners in this country!!! pretty cool.

So there, I did it, finally after all of my stressed out crazy posts the past month, I've managed to focus today's post on the happy, things to be proud of things in life! Raise your glass to me,