Saturday, July 07, 2007

Outa the mouth of babes......

ok, just had to share this one...................

This was a conversation that I had tonight with ilan (who by the way, now claims to be 4 since he had his gan party, even though he was born on August 8, but who wants to argue with a 3, *ahem* 4 year old???)...........

ilan: Emah, I love Abbah more than you.

me: ilan, that's not nice to say. You can say that you love Abbah "Differently" than you love me, but we don't say that we love each other more. Just like I don't say I love Aviv more than you, right? I love you both, right?

ilan: ok. I love you and abbah differently. I love abbah with different hair.

me: ???? Huh?????

ilan: I don't want abbah to have just a little hair, I want him to have hair like me.

abbah: I used to have hair like yours ilan, but I lost it as I got older.

ilan: Yeah, you lost it on your body!!!!!!!!!!