Monday, June 18, 2007


Ya know I don't think I heard myself complaining that I was bored with my life or that I was concerned about not having enough to do, DID YOU?????'s as if the universe heard me say that and now I'm overwhelmed even more! aargh.

I am starting off the day with bringing the little guy to get blood taken as a pre-op thing; then 2 job interviews tomorrow, then rush back here to pick up the boys at 1, then I bring the little guy to the doctor to do a check up to see if he is ok to have surgery, then Wed. am is pre-op at Hadassah Hospital, then Wed. 3pm another job interview, then Thursday morning 10am another job interview, then Thursday afternoon little guy goes in to Hadassah HOspital to get his Tonsils and his Adnois removed. I think we'll sleep there Thurs. night, return with a cranky and drugged up little guy Friday, and then Sat. night my sister-in-law arrives with her 3 kids and thank goodness, they are not sleeping here. AARGH.

so yes, today's title of the post AARGH is quite fitting and perfectly describes how I feel!!!

ok, yelling at the boys to turn off the computer. I guess I should set a good example, huh?

ugh..........have a less stressed day!!!