Monday, April 30, 2007

Tidbits and Todahs.........

Just wanted to first and foremost thank all of you for your virtual hugs and such kind words. As I mentioned in the last post that losing someone you love is hardest when you are far away from your family. It just makes the distance seem greater. It helped me of course to write about the feelings, and then over the past few days it has been so sweet to receive all of the "sympathy" comments. The best way to truly describe the feeling is that it has been like receiving virtual hugs. so truly truly, THANK YOU!

I'm hanging in and I guess received a redlight to allow me to slow myself down over the weekend. Thurs. I started feeling physically yucky in addition to the emotional yucky, and by Friday I was running a fever. By Saturday my throat was killing me.........luckily due to a very sweet hubby and kind kind 'laws, I was able to spend most of Fri and Sat in bed sleeping it off. Sunday, I was planning to get back to work and just tough it out. Well wouldn't you know it, the universe was working again in mysterious ways in my favor, and the secondary teacher's union was on strike again. Sooooooooo...........poor me, I had another day off! I took it easy, went to the doctor who took a throat culture and gave me the good ole' antiB's. And here I am 3 doses later feeling much much better and back at work today. :)

So, it's going pretty well! For a PRESCHOOL TEACHER, I think I'm quite impressed with how I am dealing with and interacting with these middle schoolers! I'm having fun, and I think they are too! The other day, I was in my classroom as one of my classes was on their way in. One boy (who I think was absent the first time I had his class) says to me, "Are you Susie?" and when I answered "yes." He replied, "Oh, cool!" It felt good!

My kids are doing well big one has a friend over right now and my little one has gone to play with a friend at the friend's house. Life is good.

Nothing much else to blog about today. Off to go figure out what to make for dinner tonight. Unfortunately, my imagination in the kitchen these days is lacking! Take care............until next time..........................