Saturday, May 05, 2007

Gotta blog about the Lag.....

So yes, wow, Lag BaOmer...........a tad bit different from what we are used to in the states..... We just got home, it's after 10 and we all stink like the bonfire. Hubby is complaining that he's so tired and he'll never do that again cuz he ended up watching everyone else's kids as they were dangerously close and playing with and near the fire. Poor guy, but really, he's the one who wanted to do this, and he's the one who also wanted to do "al ha eish" barbequeing and making a whole buffet out of the night. I do agree though, it's annoying that people go to gatherings in this country and they assume cuz their kids are hanging with the other kids and they're all misbehaving, that it's ok.

ugh, need to go jump in the shower. I must add though that it's way cool how from different spots in our town we can look out and see a number of bonfires that are lit throughout the city.....tre cool.