Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Caught between a rock and a hard place.....

Soooooooo, hope everyone who celebrates is having a lovely Pesach holiday and that you all enjoyed seder(s) here and there and everywhere. We were at the laws, the kids did great for like an hour and a half, the little one even ate egg whites, charosets, and matzah. The big one ate a few bites of matzah, crumbled the rest, then joined his brother for strawberries and pesadica brownies. They then slept over at saba/saftas house as the grown-ups sat and were prompted to bare their souls. This grown-up and her hubby were a bit hesitant, but many people at the 20 peep seder enjoyed their share of touchy feely see my insides kind of stuff. Ask Cori, it was a bit over the top at times, but the people enjoyed.

Anyway, back to the topic of the as you know we have been looking for a new domicile. The town where we are is a bit far from hubby's work, takes him upwards of an hour and a half to get to work in the ams and it's no fun. Plus, we are feeling it's a bit too close for comfort with the laws 2 streets over. Sooooooo, we are looking to move to a town where hubby can take the train in to work, and where the laws are 20 minutes away instead of 2.

We thought at first of renting again, but felt discouraged on the rentals available and throwing our money away into someone else's mortgage. Also, our house that we own in the old country is going to be vacated by the tennants at the end of their lease July 30, and we figured we'd sell that one rather than go through the trouble to rent it again. And, if we are going to be selling that one, we might as well buy one here and make an investment in our future. (sound sophisticated, huh?)

Soooooooo, when this all came about we asked the tennants what their intentions were, and they told us that they would like to get out of the house in the end of May instead of the end of June. We told them that if they did, they would forfeit their last month's rent and security deposit that they had pre-paid, "as per the rental agreement." It's not that we're being horrible landlords, but c'mon, if they leave end of may, then we need to come up with the mortgage for June AND give them back their deposit. We're just not interested in taking a $2700 loss here just to be nice, sorry. We were nice about it, and thought they were accepting, knowing that really they were asking to get something for nothing.... but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they're being complete a$$holes about it.

Get now we want to list the house and start showing it to sell it. I get a note from the tenant the other day. I'm just going to cut/paste it, as it's too good to paraphrase.

Dear S & C, Happy Holiday to you !
I went by today and dropped the Apr. rent check off with I. He told me you've listed the house with a Realtor, hope all goes well for you on selling your house, as per the rental agreement we will be staying thru the end of June as you did not allow us to vacate before that, so the house will be available for showing as well as placing For Sale signs outside on May 17th, 2007 (as per the rental agreement). Stay well and healthy, talk to you soon. -M & F

UGH..........did you get that?? They are essentially trying to "stick it to the man", but hello? I'm so NOT the man! I'm so not a slumlord, not a shmuck, not a jerk, and ugh, they are soooo not being nice and are just sticking us, between a rock and a hard place and I'm pissed.

ok, not dwelling, we are off tomorrow to Eilat..........3 nights on grandma's tab. The boys are thrilled and since we originally were talking about maybe going to Turkey, they keep saying that we are going to Turkey-Eilat which has since morphed into Chicken-Eilat! hee hee

so we're off............ b'aak b'aak b'akk!!!