Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bits and Pieces...

Haven't felt much like blogging the past week or so. My mind is just racing in about a thousand places. A few things that have been going on this past week..............

  • My older son turned 6 this past week! aack, I am the mother of a 6 year old!
  • We had a fabulous outdoor birthday party planned, with a guy who does outdoor games and fun for the kids. The day before the forecasts all predicted 60% and higher chance of rain! I was quite stressed over what to do. In the end, we cancelled the outdoor guy and found a fun magician who was available and had the party inside. ugh, 30 plus kids in my living room yelling and screaming and having a ball! it was fun.
  • Oh, uh, minor detail, we're buying a home in Israel...........stressful? no comment. Also, no info yet till it's official and on paper. I am telling you though, I LOVE IT!!!
  • hmmm..........let's see, any more stressors this week?.....................
  • oh, well, I started a JOB! I'm teaching 3 days a week, 5 classes of "Dovrei Anglit" (english speakers) at the Middle School. The kids are very impressive and I think they liked me. We'll see how it feels when I see them again.
  • don't go yet, there's more.........my mom has been visiting.......she leaves this weekend. It has been a very nice visit I must say. She has moved back and forth the past 2 weeks from our house to the law's house. It's been good to have the separation admist the visit.
  • My little guy is scheduled for a sleep-over night in a sleep clinic. I think I've mentioned to you guys before, but he has fluid in his ears and as a result has a hearing deficit. The ENT is concerned about sleep apnea, and has thus sent us to the sleep clinic. He and I will go and sleep there next month.
So you see, I'm a bit stressed. I'm thinking there's got to be more, I just can't think of it right now. Send the carefree vibes my way and have a good rest of the week!