Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Ok, so I thought when I moved across the globe to Israel that I was going to be escaping all of the "Hallmarkiness" of holidays like Valentine's Day. After all, this is a Jewish state, and Valentine was a SAINT, right? But noooooo......why should the merchants here (who get the same cr&p from china that they get in the US) miss out on another special opportunity to make the people spend money??? So yes, as we've entered the mall this past week we have seen beautiful displays of all sorts of yummy things attached to balloons and stuffed animals, all in pink, red, and white, with huge signs saying in hebrew "Happy Love Day!" It's sweet, but I really didn't expect it.

On a good note.........we finally got the packages that my mom sent back in DECEMBER!!! For the past few weeks I have been checking my mail box, bothering the guy in the post office, and making my mom feel guilty for not keeping the receipts for the packages to track them. So yay, finally!!! The kids were THRILLED. Mom sent 2 very very very cool POWER RANGER costumes for purim (purchased at a post Halloween sale at the Disney store), some books, some cool bandaids, and some Neosporin. NOPE....can't get neosporin here!!! It's a must have and it bugged me that they didn't have it, so she has sent it and I am now stocked. My sister-in-law sent the second box with equally exciting things in it.....some very cool SPACE figurine toys for the boys--mini rockets, an astronaut, etc. Books (batman, star wars, Clifford, etc), some hand-me-down sheets-star wars, scooby doo, and , yippee, a POKEMON pillow case!!!! a Tigger that bounces and has now become ilan's baby, and a cool space light that is like a huge massive night light thing that slowly spins around and also projects a shadow on the cieling. cool. All in all, they done good. Kids were happy and occupied for the afternoon/evening, and even still wanted to play with the stuff the next day.

Not much else to report. I need to go work on my project for my teacher class. Hope you all have a Happy love day! :D