Tuesday, February 20, 2007

GREEN Mountains in the Desert???

***no, I am not losing my mind, there WERE pictures here on this post. OK, so I tried again to upload some shots, but to no avail.... Soooo, I figured out that since I was successful uploading pics to a Picassa album, that I can somehow "embed" it here. So here goes......... aww geez, ok, so there is the family pic we had some friends take on our couch cuz we had NO PICS of all 4 of us to send with my son to gan! (gasp!). I believe there is a link under the pic.......click there then click on SLIDESHOW once in the album to get the full effect with the captions and all. Enjoy! Sorry for the detour..........

So, here again is another cool reason to live here in Israel.........bored? Want to get the kids out of the house for the day? Let's take a day trip.....to Ein Gedi! It's just so amazing that after a short drive, we were in completely different territory...different scenery, different weather, different frame of mind. It was a great day.

I took some pictures for your enjoyment.....please do enjoy!These first few are just after leaving Jerusalem....right when the desert scenry usually takes over...you know, the brown after brown after brown??? "But wait!" you say, "These pictures are of GREEN mountainsides????" Isn't that the coolest??? We could not get over all the GREEN going on in the desert!!!

I even got some shots of bedoin life in action (ok, it's not really pictures of life, it's a picture of smoke coming form a bedoin tent 'neighborhood', but you get my point!)

Here you can see bits of the brown earth starting to take over, that is usually what you see on this drive, NOT the greenery!!!

And....hiking in Nachal David isn't easy.....here the guys are on their first of about a dozen "breaks"....we had only walked for about 8 minutes at this point.....they need to get out more!

and hmmm..........I had 2 other pictures of the really pretty waterfalls that were supposed to be here. Not sure where they disappeared to. Have to run, but if I have time later I'll be back to try to recover them.

Have a great day!