Sunday, February 25, 2007

A pretty famous share...

Isn't it cool when you meet someone who shares something with a birthday, a hometown, a favorite ice cream flavor even? There's always that "Wait, no way, me too!" and then you both sort of pause and think how cool, what a coincidence that you share ______. Or maybe you think how it's so NOT a coincidence, but now really explains why you have always felt connected to this person, or why people always considered that person special? I admit, sometimes there is absolutely no connection other than the commonality, and you go on with your life, unaffected by the other person in any way. But that's not usually what happens.

My husband and I got back together after a 2 year + break when shortly after we started to talk on the phone again, we both realized that we had plans to go visit friends (each different friends) in our college town. He at the time was living 4 hours north of our college town, and I was living about 4 hours south of it. It was one of those coincidences that really wasn't a coincidence, and set us both on the road to getting back together.

Anyway, I digress. So what has got me thinking of coincidences and shared stuff? I was browsing through some different blogs a bit ago and came across westbankmama's blog. I read it often, but don't post much, but mainly cuz that seems to be my pattern lately.

oops, another tangent.........I enjoy reading tons of different blogs by people of different backgrounds, but I don't always comment. Is that bad? Also, people may not even know I've read since I have all my favorite blogs plugged into Google Reader, aand it tells me when there are new posts. i can actually just read the posts from the reader thingie.

ok, so I'm back.............sorry for the detours.

So what was so special about wbmama's post today? She mentioned that today is the 7TH OF ADAR, the anniversary of Moses' birthday and his death 120 years later! Pretty cool, huh? And even cooler, cuz it is also the anniversary of my father's death, 12 years ago. I'd like to think that that is some sort of coincidence, that my father is somehow connected to Moses... it's wild to think my dad has been gone 12 years (there's another coincidence.........120~12 ???).

Anyway, the candle is lit, the heart is calm, and as Erica said in a recent post to a relative who had passed, if my dad is "reading blogs" in heaven, here's a shout out to him! And I guess to Moses too!