Saturday, January 06, 2007

What a nice day..........

I have been a Primo Couch Potato today!!! Well, sort of anyway. Hubby took the kids around 11am to meet a friend of his and his kids........they all went bowling! Then, hubby wanted to take the boys to a movie, which doesn't start till a few hours later, so they have been hanging out at the friend's house, the movie starts around 5:30, and they'll be home in time to get pjs on and go to bed.

So me, what have I "accomplished" today??? I DID go to the gym, worked out for about an hour and a half, came home, had lunch, watched some tv, played around on the computer......ooooh, wait, I just cleaned the kitchen, got another load of dishes into the dishwasher......and now, here I am back online. I think I'm going to go take a nap, as hubby and I are going out tonight. His parents are leaving next weekend for the states....they'll be gone for TWO MONTHS!!! Soooo, we are getting our last bits of free babysitting benefits.

Speaking of babysitters, it's so much cheaper here than in the states. In the states, I had to pay $10 AN HOUR for a sitter to spend the evening sitting on my couch watching my tv and eating my food. Here, I pay 20-25 shekel an hour (equivalent of $4.75 to $5.95), and although they sit on my couch and watch my tv just the same, they don't seem to eat like the sitters in the states did! Pretty cool. So I guess it won't be so bad having to pay a sitter now and again when Saba and Safta are gone.

Anyway.........going to go, watching a movie on cable, and my eyes are feeling heavy........thanks for listening to the rambling. Guess maybe the house is a bit *too* quiet today, huh? :)