Saturday, January 27, 2007

Random Thoughts.........

So years ago, one of my most favorite things that still keeps me laughing was something I saw on Oprah. There was a married couple on the show one day talking about something to do with marital relations--I really don't remember at this point, but bottom line, the wife was imitating the husband's response that he gives her every night when she wants some nookie............... now, you must say this with your worst drawn out country hick hillbilly accent..........

"Oh baby I'm sooo tirrrrd!"

And that's what's on my mind right now............not the whole hillbilly nookie thing, but the fact that I'm sooooo tired...........and it's keeping me smiling. But really, am I the only one who saw this/remembers this? It would be soooo cool if out of the 6 of you who read this blog, if at least one of you had any clue what I was talking about.


We had such a nice day today.......hubby and I actually got to go out last night (thanks Cori!!!) , but boy were we tired this morning. But I must say, our boys this morning were AWESOME! They played and played and played and played, and despite the noise, let us sleep till 10 am!!!! Granted, they had every single little car "parked" all around the living room, but I gladly helped cleaned them up as thanks for them letting me sleep! :) So after some coffee and breakfast (brunch really), we all packed up, got dressed and went for a picnic in Gan HaPaamon, Liberty Bell Park where the boys rode bikes, scooters, and roller skated in the little outdoor skating rink there. It was so much fun!

ok, we're watching a movie that hubby downloaded from the net. I really need to go watch, it's hysterical! ok..........bye!