Tuesday, January 30, 2007


My 3 1/2 year old had a playdate come over today..........his girlfriend! Well, actually technically his girlfriend, but if you ask him, his Mommy. (this from a kid who has always called me Emah). He and this little girl (who is georgeous, big eyes, too cute) play a game where he is the baby and she is the Mommy. It's cute but getting annoying and sometimes I can't talk to my own kid cuz he says, "I'm not Ilan, i'm baby!" and then refuses to do anything that babies can't do. He has even been crawling everywhere! aargh.

So anyway, back to this little girl. She was getting tired around 4:30 and started complaining that the boys were just making a big mess and that she didn't come over here to be in a mess! It was funny. Then she said she had to rest, because she had "Played with friends ALL DAY!" I was picking up on cues and offered to make her a "Chavita" (scrambled egg--very popular in this country). Her response, if I can type it without laughing, is below:

I do NOT want a chavita, I don't eat chavita. I like to have baitza eyin (sunny side egg; literally translated into EYE EGG). My daddy makes it for me and I dip the white into the yellow when I eat it.

oooookay, do you want some bread or anything with that?

I want bread, but I want it toasted....and I want it in a sandwich with a slice of cheese with white chese on it too.

At this point she said that her daddy usually gives her a chair to stand on in the kitchen while he cooks so that she can see what he's doing. So the two of them, our guest and her "baby" stood on stools in the kitchen while I made eggs for them. I felt like I was a worker with my manager standing over my shoulder. I was afraid to make a wrong move, for it could be deadly to my career as a hosting mother. I wouldn't want word to get out that I don't make eggs upon request! That could ruin me.

You'll be happy to know that i managed to flip the egg when she wasn't looking (she told me I shouldn't flip it, but it was starting to burn on the other side and needed to be flipped if I was going to give her a cooked egg! AND, I also managed to NOT break the yolk either like I always do when making sunny side eggs for my husband! Guess his wrath isn't as powerful! :)