Monday, November 06, 2006

Only when you're 3...........

So my strong willed child wanted to wear his RED COOL PANTS (RCP) last week, but they were dirty. He was having a major fit and wanted ONLY to wear his RCPs. At first he wouldn't even take off his pajamas, he was really standing strong on this one. I could have easily taken them out of the laundry bag, but I had already told him they were dirty and that he needed to pick another pair. I didn't want to give in to him, and bottom line, I didn't want him wear dirty pants. I finally pulled the pajamas off of him (yes, with a bit of a struggle), and he sat naked on the carpet in his room, except for his socks, crying "I want my RCP" over and over.

It was all I could do to keep from laughing. It doesn't end here though.

I did all of the right things: I took out 3 other pairs of pants that he could choose from; one even had red on them; I told him I would wash the pants and he could wear them tomorrow; and I sympathized with him saying "I know you love the pants and I know you want to wear them, but we do not wear dirty clothes."

But nothing worked. :(

I got frustrated and started to say things I shouldn't. The volume of my voice raised, and the tone was not exactly kind and compassionate. And then I said IT, the "THREAT" that came back to bite me in the a$$..........................


So picture this...............and you have to picture it, because as is already evident, my brain wasn't working too well that am, and I didn't think quickly enough to grab a camera or to snap a shot with my phone.

Anyway, as you can guess...........he picked up his pile of clothes that I decided in the end was his only choice, picked up his backpack, put on his Crocs, and calmly left the apt, NAKED AS A JAYBIRD, stood for the elevator, rode it down the 4 flights to the parking garage, and walked to the car as if it was a normal morning and he didn't spend 40 minutes arguing over his clothes, and as if he were ACTUALLY WEARING CLOTHES!!!

AARGH................CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!!!!