Thursday, November 09, 2006

later gaters......

We're going down to Eilat for 3 nights! Hopefully I'll either feel better by the morning, or will at least benefit from getting into the warmer air. I'm currently on antibiotics for my STREP THROAT......and I thought I was feeling better from the cold earlier in the week! hah! Ilan and I are both on the antiB's (and yes, for any concerned parties, we are also taking pro-biotics/acidophilus to balance the system). It turns out that even though he was feeling better, his strep test came back positive the same day that I woke up with knives in my throat. So, I later went to the doc and he said yes my throat did look suspicious. Luckily I knew about my son's diagnosis, he said, or he would have dismissed it as a virus and not treated it with anything. So, here I am 24 hours later, and yes, I feel the antiB's working their magic. I'm still feeling a bit dizzy and scratchy in the throat, and last night was up all night coughing, but I'm hanging in there. Thank goodness I've got a lifestyle that allows me to just relax all day when the kids are in gan. I mean I skipped ulpan, but I'll live. I promise to talk in Hebrew while in Eilat.

So yes, back to Eilat..........yaay!!! We're going away, with kids, for a fun 3 night 4 day vacation to a hotel that has a swimming pool, 80 degree weather, and a kids club for the kids to get a break from us for an hour or two here and there (oh yeah, and us from them). :) Hubby has just been working so hard, and he's one of these people who love to get away. I'm fine once we're in the car, but the excitement is more like a pain in the a$$ for me when I need to prepare everything to get away. But I'm getting better about it.

Anyway, so that's my scoop in a nutshell. I'll be back next week! Have a great weekend!