Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bedoins, the Dead Sea, and a Birthday Party...

So I know, I know, I shouldn't be back online so soon.....I mean really, the massage oil can still be felt on my skin even though I've been in the pool, the hot tub, the warm tub, and the shower. But well, what can I say? I'm addicted......I feel the need to come on here and report! hee if what I do here can truly be called reporting, yeah right!

ANYWAY.......hubby and I went down to Yam HaMelach (the Dead Sea); left yesterday morning after bringing the kids to their ganim....we were on the road at a record timeof 9:15am! I must say, the drive from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea is incredible. I love just sitting and watching it all go by. I did a little wave at Maale Adumim for bec, tried to peek into the bedouin's homes as we sped past them, then began to enjoy the terrain that was spread out before us........a feast for the eyes!

So here's a funny...........we were talking about the Bedoins, how cool it is the way they live, and how just wild it is that they are living this way in the year 2006! And hubby chimes in..........

"Yeah, and what's the deal with them living always right on the highway, I mean, if they're already living like this, why don't you think they would want to be for example, a hill or two over there??"

I was laughing so hard! hee hee but it's true when you think about it....why do they build these tents right near the highway? And even IF, (which is possible, very possible) they were there FIRST, like before the highways were built, they're bedoins, nomads, people who MOVE AROUND, that's who they they LIKE breathing in carbon monoxide? bizarre, just bizarre.

So, anyway......more on our little vacation.............we stayed HERE...........very cool, huh??? we had a great time just relaxing, got my pedicure and a massage as planned, and they were both heaven! Most of all, I must admit it, it was nice to not deal with the rugrats for 33 hours, but who's counting? I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my children, but I love them even more after not being around them for a while. :)

And please, they had tons of fun with their Saba and Safta today (my mom had the day off apparantly, and went to a museum with one of their friends). So S&S took them to a birthday party which just happened to be in the public park area right behind our building. There were bounce houses, pita making, a huge cake, tons of junk, a popcorn maker, and a cotton candy machine! whew! Sounds like fun, ugh, too bad I missed it.

Anyway, going to go hang out with hubby and watch some of the tube. Wishing those of you who fast an easy one...........