Thursday, May 11, 2006


DancingWhooo-hoooo............we received confirmation today that we will be on the JULY 5th NBN Aliyah Flight!!!

Wow, it is such a wild feeling to have the definite date....

holy shit, we're really doing this!

hee hee Ha Ha Only JokingI'm actually VERY ok with all of this. In fact, so ok that last month when hubby was feeling rocky and so set with work and starting to question our aliyah success, I was in a sheer panic, state of shock and fear. I was so afraid that he would change his mind.

I know now that going back on this was never truly a possibility, and all along, hubby was just stressed. He leaves on Sat. night for Israel, for his "pilot trip." He's not going with any sort of group, no need to since he grew up there. He's essentially going to scope things out job wise, Gan wise, home wise, etc. Bottom line, the main objective in my mind is for him to "get the bug" again.

You know the bug, that feeling that gets under your skin when you go to Israel. That feeling of wondering..... "what if..." I love that we are moving forward, taking steps to make that what if a reality. It's truly a dream come true.

Which brings me to tell you that "COMING SOON...." will be my entry for westbankblog's NON-meme call for Aliyah Stories...... very exciting... I like participating in things like this.

For now though, time to go clean peanut butter off of one set of hands and macaroni and cheese off of the other set. Then the hand-off and I'm off to my tutoring job.