Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Israel Tag............

Thank you Erica for tagging me with the newest rage in Tagging..........the Israel Tag! I commented on Erica's blog that I think we should only do these kinds of meme tags for now on, they're way cooler than the ones where we answer 30 questions, trying to be original, but really, it's long and drawn out. With this kind of tag, it's an awesome spark to get the sharing of thoughts and experiences. very cool.

Ok, ok, I'll shut up already and goes............

AN ISRAEL MOMENT....ugh, there are truly so many.....

*My first time in Israel was in 1988-89 on the Young Judaea Year Course program. One of my favorite "Israel moments" was walking on shabbat from our dorms in Har Hatzofim to the old city, to the kotel. We walked thru Mea Sharim (a very religious neighborhood), and after what felt like forever, finally made it to the kotel for the first time. I stood there in awe, and slowly made my way up to the wall. I slowly put my hand on the stone and felt something. (erica, maybe it was the electrokedusha?) Anyway, at that moment, I remembered my father's words from the night before I left. He told me of his first time being at the kotel and the magnitude of stading in the very spot where our people had stood for hundreds and hundreds of generations. I looked up at the wall and felt it was simply breathtaking.

This past summer, 2005, I visited the kotel again, with my husband and children. Hubby took the older one, who was 4 at the time, over to the men's side, and I took the little one, who was almost 2 at the time. Hubby and I had told Aviv (and he had learned in his preschool) about how people put notes to g-d in the wall and say a prayer. When they got there, Hubby closed his eyes to say a prayer, Aviv asked his Abbah what he was doing and when hubby told him, Aviv replied, "I need to say a prayer too......Baruch......hamotzi lechem min haaretz, aaaamen!" I was on the women's side with the little one, and I brought him to "touch the special wall", the tears began to flow. I felt it again, only the energy of it all was i was, back at this spot again, holding my son, and thinking again of my father, who has been gone now for 10 years. wild, emotional, and special.

*One more moment to share.........if you'll allow me......was from 2000. I participated in a Hadassah Young Leaders Mission trip to Israel. I was selected as one of 25 women from around the country to go on this 10 day trip to visit Hadassah Hospital as well as the other projects that Hadassah supports. I remember feeling really sad on that trip, because I was on the INSIDE of a tour bus. I sat there, staring out at people on the streets, as we passed by communities that I knew, or towns where I had been. I felt like I was on the wrong side of the picture.........I wanted to be OUTSIDE the bus, I wasn't meant to be a tourist there, and I felt it.

At the end of the trip, on the last day or so, the leader came around to speak with each of us individually. She was a volunteer herself with Hadassah and wanted to talk to each of us to see what our visions were in regards to our futures as Hadassah leaders. "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" she asked............. can you guess what my answer was????

......and with that I will leave you now...........thanks for sharing my Israel moments with me. And really, I want you to guess,

what was my answer???

oh, and I tag YOU.............yes, YOU, the one reading this post. Go on, after you comment here, go back to your blog and get busy! :)