Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Got a phone call from the library system today. I need to go pick up what I ordered to have brought to my local branch. Great system, I look something up online, enter my library card # and request that it be sent to a specific branch and put on hold for me. When it gets there, the system's computer calls me and tells me it's there and waiting. Walgreens does this for perscriptions too. Hubby's uncle who is an elementary school principal says he has a system that also will call all of the parents and play a certain pre-recorded message from him. Pretty cool.

Not sure if this technology is happening in Israel, but if it is, I'm in trouble. DM in my comment sections keeps asking me about my HEBREW, so I figured I'd address it.

Bottom line, I'm looking forward to Ulpan. I'm looking forward to increasing my confidence and comprehension. But all in all, I have been told I speak pretty well. Not sure if I've shared my past, so I figured I'd share a bit now. (sorry dm, the story I'm telling is rated G, and no I'm not embarrassed, just don't think certain things are appropriate to talk about).

ANYWAY..........after high school, I spent the year in Israel on the Young Judaea Year Course program (1988-89). When I got to Israel, I knew how to read and write hebrew, thanks to Day School, but I never knew what I was reading or writing. I learned how to speak, and increased my vocabulary tremendously.

In college, I met hubby. He had just finished the army, and came back to the states (he made aliyah with his family at age 9) to go to college. We had a few Israeli friends, and over the years my hebrew skills have strengthened little by little. I have taught hebrew at local synagogues for about 10 years now, and I definitely can speak hebrew. I just don't feel like it's enough. I can have a conversation. I'm really good at telling you my 'script' about myself, essentially what I've written above but in hebrew, and I can ask for directions, buy things, etc. But when it comes to higher level conversations, feeling comfortable in a group speaking only hebrew, or *gasp* thinking about hebrew on a professional level, THAT is where I'm lacking.

So, back to the library........I've ordered a SPEAK HEBREW lesson set on CD. I'll let you know how it goes. Hoping to pick it up tomorrow after I drop the boys off.

Anyway, that's that. Going to try to lay down for 10 minutes before we have to get up and go to swim class. Yes, swimming outdoors at the JCC in March. Sorry bec, I know you think this is just wrong, but that's life in Florida! :)