Monday, March 13, 2006


We had the BEST time at the Purim celebration tonight.

...The lame game booths, (which, as a teacher at the Heb. school, I was in charge of one), the mushy veggie burgers, and the noise! My boys dressed up....Aviv as Mordechai and Ilan as "the KING!" Hubby wore his loud Hawaiin shirt and I wore my favorite braided bamboo straw hat that I got in Hawaii on our trip there for New Year's of 'the millenium' (oooooo, aaahhh). But I love that hat, it has a cool braided from bamboo straw bird that is suspended on a big piece of bamboo.

The boys paraded around the sanctuary with all of the children for the costume parade, then we sat down for what is usually a torturous 10 minutes before we decide we need to leave. Within 5, Ilan was asleep in my lap, Aviv and Hubby went to find another hot dog for him, and we ended up staying for quite a while. When they came back, Aviv had so much fun listening to the Megillah being read and blowing a whistle and shaking his grogger! We could not believe that Ilan slept through the noise!

Funniest part was that after sleeping through an ENTIRE sanctuary FILLED with screaming children, noisy people, groggers, and the rock band being played by the rabbi/cantor entorage (all Purim shpiel songs to famous tunes of course), Ilan woke up when we got to the quiet of the parking lot!!! go figure.

I thought about writing an "April fool's" type post for Purim today, but decided I was just too filled with the FUN of the evening and wanted to pass it on! CHAG SAMEACH EVERYONE!!!