Sunday, March 12, 2006


Hubby took the boys out yesterday. I wasn't feeling well, and really needed to rest. They went bowling, and when the bowling alley turned the lights out and turned out blaring music and laser lights and our 2 1/2 year old Ilan freaked and attached onto him like a baby monkey, he cut his losses and took them to a park. (stupid bowling alley, but they do this when they have a party.....why should the rest of their clientele have to suffer? annoying) the park, he ran into my friend and her husband (Israeli husband) who are moving to Israel (back for him, aliyah for her, and thus aliyah for the whole family-2 kids). They are leaving in the beginning of April, and I am so thrilled to know that Aviv will have a playmate when we get there that he can TALK to! :)

I'm most excited though, that hubby ran into them. The men had never met before, and I had said a few times that we should have them over, etc. Just hadn't done it yet, and it felt awkward that they didn't know each other yet. So, not only did they meet, but they hit it off and hubby really likes the guy! I love it when we meet like-minded people because it helps with the psyche.

If we're not careful, we can easily get caught up in the locals who can't understand or get why we want to be in Israel. For example, we had a family get together Fri. night at my mom's house. My aunt is in town from NY, as well as my uncle from Wisconsin. Soooo, to the shabbat dinner we went. It was nice, no problems, but when it was time to go, my aunt was crying hysterically saying goodbye to me. "I'm going to miss you so much. I know we don't see you but once a year, but I'll miss you. good luck, etc...." yadda yadda yadda. She had me crying too, and I was truly all distraught that night. But stepping outside of it, I realize that I do NOT have a relationship with her, and truly, if she misses us and wants to see us, she can come visit us there or come down here and see me for an hour next time I come to the states.

Essentially, what I'm getting at is that when we get together and talk to LIKE MINDED people who GET us, who GET aliyah, and are actually doing it too, it's energizing, revitalizing, and just so completely reassuring. I'm glad hubby had that experience yesterday with my friend and her hubby.

I'm also realizing that wow, JULY 11th (the date the shaliach put down in our Tik Aliyah) is 1 day short of 4 months!!! HOLY SHIT!