Sunday, March 05, 2006


Hubby and I are watching the Oscars while each sitting with our respective laptops. Gotta love wireless access.

So we're laughing at all the evident plastic surgery, up-dos gone wrong, and hair-dos gone bad. Jon Stewart is pretty funny, his sarcasm is appreciated, but the Jewish joke about Ben Stiller was uncalled for. (Ben was in his tights for his presentation, a full body leotard, and JS said something about being able to tell he's Jewish ???) annoying.

Anyway, did you see Dolly Parton???? She looked really bizarre! I was hoping the lights on the stage weren't too hot, or her plastic surgery would melt! Just scary.

Chicken Little is presenting....very cute.

ok, I'll stop my commentary now and go watch. Sorry, with this head cold I haven't had much to blog lately.

OH, we had some friends and their 10 month old baby over this afternoon and for dinner. It was really nice. He's Israeli, she's american, and he's hoping one day for her to be ready to make aliyah. She'll get there eventually, just not yet. But it was nice to have them over. Our boys were really funny with the baby....they brought out a gazillion toys into the living room for the baby. too cute. OH< and the best part of the evening, they brought CREMBO (anyone have a good link for crembo?) for dessert. The boys were happy as pigs in shit!!!

ok, that's all for me for now......have a good couple of days, I'll be back later in the week...........sus