Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I messed with Karma...

UGH, I spoke too soon. I replied to one of Veev's posts about having a sick kid joking that they always seem to 'loose their cookies' in the middle of the night. I spoke too soon.

Aviv decided breakfast was better on the carpet than in his stomach this morning. fun.

I had already told Ilan that today was an "Emah Day" (when they hang with me and don't go to school) for him, so he was home too. Turns out, by 2pm he was screaming that his ear hurt and he needed ICE. ugh.

So off to the doctor we went at 4:30. The um, not so greatest time to go schlepping to the pediatrician across town, thank you. But we went.

And little man has an ear infection, and is on antiB's for 2nd round in 3 months, and big guy is well, hmm...fine. ? whatever.

So that will teach me to comment anything more than "hope he feels better" on any blog ever about a sick kid.

Sorry karma world, didn't mean to mess with you this week....can we all get better now so I can sleep through one night without coughing and waking hubby, and so kids can get back to SCHOOL! :)