Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We're progressing....I think

Working on getting the house ready to be rented. We've set April as the date to list the house for rental, BUT....we may have a better possibility! Ilan's preschool teacher is currently living with her parents (her, her hubby, and their 2 kids). They are interested but haven't seen the place, so I'm sprucing.....

~Tomorrow I'm going to be switching the HINGES on our kitchen cabinets. Currently we have ugly dark bronzey things, I bought almond hinges that match the cabinets. Hoping to camoflauge their age.

~Also going to pick up some flowers tomorrow for the side and front planter areas.

~Mr. Ed, our handy-man called back tonight. I've been waiting for him to be available for like 3 weeks now. Guess it's getting me used to Israeli time. He's coming next Tuesday. I've got a list a mile long of things that we need him to do for us around the house. Hubby is handy, just tired and stressed and can't do it all.

~I'm thinking I'm ready to start with some boxes to get the clutter on it's way out of sight. I'm one of those people who packs a suitcase twice though, so that concerns me. You know, I pack what I think I'll need for a trip, close the suitcase, then an hour later, or the next morning, I'll either open up the suitcase and take half out, or put more in. I need to NOT do this in packing the house. This is why I'm hesitant to even bring empty boxes into the house. I need to just keep reminding myself that "LESS IS BEST" ugh.

....ya know, it feels good to put this all in print to actually SEE the progress. It helps to squash my feelings of panic that there is sooooo much to do.

Is anyone sick of hearing my planning thoughts yet? ugh. I think I am!