Thursday, February 16, 2006

Modern Age Packing...

I'm hooked!!! Someone I know was mentioning SPACE BAGS and how she recommended that I check them out for packing up our life.

WELL....LET ME TELL YOU............. Gossip


So I told you how I long to be 'productive', to feel that sense of accomplishment of DOING things to get us closer to being ready to load up our lives into a big BOX, or LCL, less than a container load.

NEway.... Yael (thank you) suggested that I tackle some stuff that won't be missed, just to start feeling like I'm DOING. So I got the HUGE JUMBO space bag at Target ($8.99 for one JUMBO size bag) and filled that sucker up! I put in a comforter, some sweatshirts, some wool socks that we bought for hiking in Peru in 2000, blankets that we don't use but can't throw out, crib sheets that we may use again one day, and the bag of winter hats and mittens that although it's been chilly, nothing close to needing that stuff. I can't believe I got all of that inthere!!! PLUS, now it is all tucked away neatly underneath the Futon!

Let's hear it for getting rid of clutter!!!! Raise The Roof 1whooo hooo!

OH wait, one more thing..........I get another pat on the back for not just putting the Vacum away when I was done sucking the air out of my stuff...........I've already vacumed 2 rooms and I'm about to go do 2 more!

YAY ME!!! Vacuum