Friday, February 10, 2006

Barney making aliyah?

AARGH! So much to think about with this whole aliyah thing! :) I'm sitting in the living room, on the couch that is not coming with us, watching the tv that is not coming with us (ok, ilan is watching Barney, I'm just an innocent bystander), and that tv is in the entertainment center that we're not bringing.....and so on and so on.....

So why am I so concerned about shipping and packing and feeling like I should be doing SOMETHING? We are bringing stuff, the boys' bunks, their toys, bins, the futon, boxes, etc. I think we'll have less than a container (LCL in shipping lingo) of a 20 footer.

But how do I know which shipper to go with? The guy at KEF was very nice, has answered alot of questions and provided me with lots of info. Then there is GLOBAL is owned by the sister-in-law of a friend who is making aliyah in April. I've also heard of Omega, Strand, and more.....AARGH!!

Do I compare their quotes? Do I compare the recommendations from olim? This family used X company and loved them, another family used X and hated them, but a third family used Y because X gave too high of a quote. A Fourth family used X because they were cheaper, and a fifth family used company Z. AARGH!!!!

And then I start to think about truly what we're we splurge and get appliances? Do we get the new mattress we talked about needing? We'll NEED to get the TV here for sure, and a DVD/VCR that plays all.....but what about other stuff? We're thinking of just bringing the washer/dryer, and are thinking of a stacked set, but is that stupid? The guy at Kunst says that they're good, but is he just trying to get a sale?

Sometimes I just wish I could hop on Barney's Adventure bus and snap my fingers and appear magically in Israel, in an ideal apartment, half a block from the best park and another half of a block from both of the boys ganim. The apartment would be set up already, with new appliances, all of our furniture, and the boys stuff all put away rather than spread across the floor of every room! In the land of make-believe hubby would have a job secured already, my Ulpan won't start until 9:30, giving me time to drop the boys off each morning, and there will be neighbors in the building with boys the same ages as ours who speak English and help us get acclamated. I could go on and on.....

Some people think Barney is evil. I tolerate him, and my son LOVES him. So, anything that can keep my 2 1/2 year old's tantrums at bay is invited to join us on our aliyah journey.

I'm just not sure though if Barney would fit in an Israeli apartment....