Monday, January 30, 2006

When is MY day off?

So, Ilan has a DOUBLE raging ear infection, the doc was like, "whoa! pretty bad, in both ears!" So we started a course of the AntiB's today. joy.

Hubby has been sick as well, but of course doesn't like to take stuff till he's just about ready to call Hospice. Or, if he DOES give in and take something, he'll take a half of a dose, or only one dose and proclaim prematurely that HE KNEW IT WOULDN'T WORK! He's been suffering already for a week but decided today that he just couldn't take it anymore and needed to stay home from work. [grrr....]

Aviv is teetering on the edge of getting the cold. (note to self, pump him with vitamin C in the am). And me, I'm feeling the prickly throat beginning.

But do I get a break? Can I stay home because I don't feel well? Do you think I would come home to the dishes done *maybe* after running around to the doctor, to Walmart, then to the grocery store? yeah right. so I do the dishes, have a whopping 8 minutes to eat salad with left over ginger dressing from the sushi restaraunt (love that ginger dressing). Then, have to be out the door to go teach Hebrew school. So, do you think when I get home from teaching at almost 7pm that any semblance of dinner would have been started? who are you kidding?

All I want to know is....... WHEN IS MY DAY/HALF DAY/HOUR OFF?