Saturday, January 28, 2006

Holy Webs, Batman!

OMGoodness..........I'm having one of those "I love my children but..." evenings!!!

It all started when I opened a box of the infamous hand-me-downs [HMDs] from my brother's kids that had been sitting in my mom's garage for quite some time. My brother and sister-in-law have 2 boys that are the same distance apart as my two boys, only their youngest is about 5 years older than my oldest. Despite this, the HMDs from them are a GOLDmine!!! The big winners tonight were the pajamas! I don't know why I say 'tonight' in particular, b/c anytime cool pj's are involved, there is LOVE.

So my almost 5 year old hit the jackpot tonight, as his pj's were SPIDERMAN, and had connecting webs from the arm to the waist. He was climbing the walls, in awe of himself! The little one, who is at that lovely age of 2 and a half, had BATMAN pj's, the pants and arms looking like an actual comic strip, and the shirt with a big Batman picture.


Hubby was good and oh so kind (yes, tongue in cheek here), as he attempted to remedy the situation by suiting him up in a batman cape and matching Batman arm bands, aka, WEBS. As you can imagine, the perfectness of the Batman webs didn't last. He has woken up now about 4 or 5 times in search of the webs that got lost in the bed, and at one time was crying and fighting with his cape (don't get all huffy, yes, we let him sleep in it and no it's not tight enough to choke him) because it was soo loose.

I CAN'T WIN.....but I feel quite powerful telling him that if he gets out of his bed one more time that "I AM TAKING THE WEBS!" go me!