Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A few things....

Ok, a few things............

1. I've deleted the WORDfind thingie at the end of the Comment page. I'm not sure what really it is supposed to do. Is it supposed to be some sort of security measure? And if it is a security thing, who are we trying to keep out? Nearsighted blog posters with bad vision or something? It was starting to annoy me when I couldn't get through on my own blog! So *poof!* it's gone! :)

2. I've been outed. My new friend bec, who may be my old friend in another lifetime, has outed me. YES, My name is Susie......and being a little more public with my name is just one more step taking me closer to this reality. Thanks bec for the freedom! hee hee

3. I NEED HELP...........I was trying to create what I think I understand to be called a Blogroll......is that the list on the side of the blog that has all of the blogs that I like to visit? If YES, then help me make one. I went to the Blogroll site, and created an account, and even figured out how to add people's blogs to my list, but I have no earthly idea how to get that on here. Thanks in advance!

4. There really isn't a number four, just wanted to thank you for reading! :) How fun is this? :) hee hee