Monday, December 05, 2005

Random thoughts...

Netanya. Don't know what to say. Sending of course the sympathy thoughts, the compassion, then the frustration stirs up.

Wierd thing is that nobody is talking about it here yet. It takes so long for this stuff to reach the states. And even then, it seems to be much more important to report on the news that some old lady and her 26 cats were found in filth or that some jerk has molested some kids, or something like that. It might be in the newspaper tomorrow, but not likely on the front page, or even in the first 5 pages, just bizarre to me.

The big talk around here is where people are shopping or what Kindergarten they're sending their kids to next year. We haven't told anyone yet about our plans for Aliyah except for our parents.

Hubby's parents are thrilled of course, as they have been living in Israel since their aliyah in the 70's. My mom, although supportive, just wants us to make sure we're getting "all of our ducks in a row" before we go. We're working on's just so surreal, living day to day with this "secret", knowing that so many things that matter to everyone else just don't matter to us. I feel stronger since having made the decision to make aliyah. I can't explain it, it just 'feels right'.